giovedì 5 aprile 2012

Application Deploy Order Jboss 4.2.x

Applications deployed under jboss often are not independent but with classes in some jars wich refers to other classes in other jars. To avoid messages like "Class Not Found Exceptions"  during jar/war loading at jboss startup you may define jar/war loading order at startup.
Basic  configuration is located in  org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployer-xmbean.xml file under $jboss_home/server/default/conf/xmdesc.
You may define .jar/war loading order at jboss startup in descriptor section as follows from this sample where may define every single file name with a integer for loading priority  :

  <value value="250:.rar,300:-ds.xml,400:iEMX-common.jar,410:iEMX-APP.jar,420:iEMX-CCME.jar,430:iNEM-Repository.jar,440:ApplicationConstants.jar,448:iEMX-INV.jar,450:iEMX-core.jar,460:SBCEngine.jar,470:iEMX-wf.jar,475:Backup.jar,480:iemx-if.jar,485:iemx-spml-if.jar,490:OmuFollower.jar,495:StmService.jar,510:FtgpResponder.jar,520:SoftwareDownloadService.jar,530:iNDIM-REPOSITORY.jar,535:Scheduler.jar,540:.jar,550:.war,560:.jse,650:.ear,800:.bsh"/>

In this sample I set first  my own jars loading order and later generic statements for jar and war loading (540:.jar,550:.war) . 

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